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We are offering both online and offline volunteering/ internship engagements under “Khushal Sindh” Program. 

Brig. Tariq Qadir Lakhiar , CEO of SIEHS 1122 EMS Ambulance Sindh, envisions a tapestry of compassion woven not just by seasoned professionals, but by young minds eager to learn, diverse hands brimming with potential, and responsible hearts yearning to make a difference. This is where you, the professional, the student, the changemaker, step in. Join us in embracing the light within yourself, a light that will illuminate the path for countless others in dire need.


The professional can help us in bearing professional development / Donations / helping us in fund raising, developing MIS systems, data entry, web site development, HR development, training programmes, etc. professional having professional courses like NEBOSH, Call center, Customer Care, IT, Fleet, Procurement are among many others who have joined hands with us in making a difference. . Read More


The objective of the programme is to provide young students / fresh Gradudates and gap professioal with intense and practical opportunities to learn and experience the constituents of the non-profit sector, as well as contribute in their areas of interest.


Mentoring is the cornerstone of all our programmes. It allows gives you the opportunity of guiding a youngster towards fulfilling their potential and aspirations. Become a Mentor Parent at Khushal Sindh Program and experience the joy of changing a life. As a Mentor in an Khushal Sindh you would do just what a parent does—give children a warm hug to soothe their emotional trauma and pain, run to the doctor when a child falls ill and just be there to make them feel secure. We invite individuals professional with a rich experience in various field to voluntarily commit themselves to bringing up experience at Khushal Sindh. All you need as your strongest motivation is compassion ........Read More


If you have access to a computer and the Internet coupled with the right skills, Khushal Sindh program offers online volunteering opportunities to help you make the most of your time. Online volunteering is perfect if you have limited time, difficulty in traveling or household obligations. Whether you are an executive, a student, a homemaker or just a group of friends, you can share your talent, creativity and knowledge from anywhere in the world by signing up as an online volunteer with us. As an online volunteer, your skills in law, design or marketing etc. could be as varied as knowledge about programme management; content writing; expertise in law; understanding of child development and human development; issues in Pakistan; research.
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Short Term

Our short-term volunteer team comprising of students and professionals dedicate a few hours every week towards the holistic development of the children and young adults that we work with. We offer an exciting opportunity for short-term volunteer work, especially suitable for volunteers who do not have time to commit to more time to volunteering but would like to make some contribution.
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If you are located out of Pakistan and wiling to support us Join our Team of Volunteers from across different Countries and make a lasting change.

Message from CEO “Khushal Sindh”:

Testimonials and experiences

Volunteers in Action

Our internship program
is not just a resume booster; it’s a transformative journey. Dive into the heart of a dynamic organization pulsating with the vital rhythm of saving
lives. Whether you’re a corporate professional seeking to reconnect with your humanity, a budding medical student aspiring to firsthand experience, or a
seasoned mentor eager to empower the next generation, SIEHS 1122 EMS Ambulance Sindh offers a space for your unique talents to blossom.

Imagine this:

the adrenaline rush as you answer a distress call, the profound solace of easing another’s pain, the quiet satisfaction of coordinating crucial resources in a time-sensitive situation. Every day at 1122 SIEHS EMS Ambulance Sindh is an encounter with the profoundest facets of human experience – raw vulnerability, unyielding hope, and the breathtaking fragility of life itself.

Our programs cater to the diverse tapestry of human aspirations.

  • Corporate internships offer a chance to step outside your usual domain, to witness the transformative power of social responsibility, and to integrate compassion into your leadership principles.
  • Medical and para-medical internships provide invaluable practical experience, honing your skills under the guidance of seasoned professionals, while witnessing the practical application of theoretical knowledge.
  • Mentorship programs allow you to share your expertise and wisdom, shaping the minds and hearts of tomorrow’s healthcare heroes.
  • Online internships break geographical barriers, enabling you to contribute remotely, making your skills and passion accessible across the vast expanse of Sindh.
  • Short-term programs cater to those with limited time frames but boundless compassion, offering a crash course in the nuances of emergency response and service.

No matter your background or experience, SIEHS 1122 EMS Sindh offers a space to unleash your inner light. We believe that “a way through a light” isn’t just a
philosophy – it’s an actionable practice. We equip you with the tools and training to navigate emergency situations, providing first-aid and
psychological support, coordinating logistics, and ensuring efficient responses.

But beyond the technicalities, we cultivate empathy. We immerse you in the cultural tapestry of Sindh, the land of Shah Abdul Latif’s mystical verses and Mohenjo-daro’s ancient wisdom. We connect you with the stories of our people, their resilience in the face of adversity, and their unwavering faith in the human spirit. This
is where compassion ceases to be an abstract concept and transforms into a tangible force for good.

Joining the SIEHS 1122 EMS Sindh “healty Sindh Mission program” is not just about adding a line to your CV; it’s about etching your name onto the hearts of countless individuals whose lives you’ll touch. It’s about embracing the responsibility that comes with wielding the power to make a difference in the most vulnerable moments of another’s existence. It’s about becoming a beacon of hope in the vast, starlit desert of human suffering.

So, if you hear the call to action echoing within your soul, if you yearn to leave your mark on the world, and if you believe in the transformative power of compassion, then we invite you to join us. Together, let’s weave a vibrant tapestry of service, illuminating the path for those in need, and proving that a way through a light, indeed,

Apply today and embark on a journey that will not only transform lives, but will also illuminate the light within yourself.

Remember, a single spark
can ignite a wildfire of hope. Become that spark. Join “Healthly Sindh Mission”.

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